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When you want your office to be clean like 👌🏼but your cleaning company is like 💩

Dear Busy Manager,

You’ve got better things to do than deal with cleaning complaints – like manage everything else.

But when Bob’s trash can gets missed, or the restrooms are out of paper… again, you’re the one that hears about it.

Babysitting the cleaning crew shouldn’t feel like a full time job.

You just want the office to be clean

We got you!

You'll have a much cleaner office

We are ridiculously thorough, and refreshingly consistent!

You'll have much fewer complaints

You won’t have to hear about Bob’s trash can anymore.


You'll have more time for what matters most

Like anything other than dealing with cleaning complaints.

"You have done MUCH more than I ever expected. The attention to detail and follow up is way beyond expectations."

Ron Greenwood, Manager, Coldwell Banker

Everything you need to put your office cleaning on auto-pilot

Rockstar Employees


Rock Solid Systems

Unbeatable Customer Service

Always Available

Dedicated Account Manager

Competitive Pricing


Transparent Inspection Technology

No Contacts - Cancel Anytime

100% Happiness Guarantee


Thanks for stopping the complaint calls and going the extra mile...

Michelle H, Peregrine Properties


Cost Effective... Reliable, and always available

Al S, Altergy Systems


Very Professional... I would highly recommend you...

John G, Retail West

Ready for a quote? We make it super simple:

1 - Schedule Your FREE 20 Minute Walk Through

Schedule your free on-site evaluation where we’ll learn about your needs, wants, and frustrations. This only takes about 20 minutes of your time, then we do all the rest.

2 - Receive Your Detailed Proposal Within 2 Days

Within 48 hours, you’ll have a detailed cleaning proposal with several options to choose from. Together we can pick a plan that fits your specific needs and budget.


3 - Get Started With Your 14 Day FREE Trial!

When you’re ready, we can get you started with a 14 day FREE trial so you can experience first hand what it feels like to have your office cleaning on autopilot!